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Why Choose Vietnam?


1. First Stop In The North ASEAN Market

Vietnam's current market of toys, cradles, cribs, baby walkers, strollers and feeding tools is still dominated by foreign brands. However, about 80% in Vietnamese market, while baby products have almost no local brands and are mainly dependent on imports.


  • 2. Purchasing Hub

Vietnam is the procurement hub and an excellent gateway to the North-ASEAN market. The preferential tax rate of China-ASEAN Free Trade Area is the best time to account for the ASEAN market with a population of 635 million and a GDP of 2.47 trillion US dollars.


  • 3. Rapid GDP Growth

According to figures, Vietnam achieved a GDP of 5535.3 trillion VND in 2018, about 242.5 billion USD.  The GDP growth rate is high as 7.08%, which is more than the target GDP of 6.7%, as a new high in 10 years, became the world ’s highest GDP growth countries.


  • 4. Demographic Dividend Advantage

According to the data, the population of Vietnam in 2018 was 96.49 million, and it is estimated that by 2020, the population of Vietnam will exceed 100 million and growing.that Vietnam's demographic dividend advantage will become more prominent in the future.


  • 5. Young Spending Power

By the statistics, 65% of population in Vietnam is below age 35, with a median age of 28.6. The strong young consumers has created. Vietnam international economy, huge infrastructure investment will bring economic growth and increase people's income and expense.


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